Things I like: HBC Berlin

Situated in the office corridors of the former Hungarian cultural centre, .HBC offers studio spaces for artists who work in all disciplines for a period of up to three months. Participants are encouraged to propose exhibitions projects/presentations that become part of the .HBC programme.

Voindevoin is an entity, is a Bulgarian activist, performer, video artist, photographer, collective.
That's how it describes itself in its website..
oynov: -voin de voin?what kind of code-ism is that?
voin de voin: -it..s nothing but a strategy! it..s a self-adaptation of the "other" me, like the "ethic " of the other.de is a particle that speaks of the impossible cross road of west and the east in me!or u can look at it also as a spell ,or mantra that you can chant..;try it yourself...

Things I Like: T1+2 Gallery LONDON

T1+2 Gallery is not a gallery. It is a project space founded by artist Wolfe Lenkiewicz. The focus on the content and on the artistic experimental research let them be one of the more interesting reality in London dedicated to emerging artists.
Recently in November 2009 they launched HIVE projects as an extended arm of T1+2. The HIVE projects works with urban regeneration and heritage sites, together with established and emerging artists.


Things I like: WHIPPIT

Whippit is the littlest hobo. An ongoing project to create intermingling, contamination and cross breeding between diverse arts practices.
Whippit is a rolling program of interdiciplinary art events, held in various locations, for serious art-time, chit chat, drink and dancing.
Whippit is artist-run and artist-led. It supports and develops artists and their work, offering critical contexts for showing, new audiences, and professional development. It's about making shit happen in the best possible way.