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Friend and remarkable artist, Tobias has a minimal aesthetic and a clear eye which helps him to capture daily movements.
His video installations are poetic and always curated in an astonishing way which allows the visitor to feel instant empathy with the work.
Currently studying a BA in Goldsmiths College he has been awarded last year with the prestigious  The Hamad Butt Memorial Prize,  from the Goldsmiths Art Department.
Aquarium (2008)
No input (2010)
This is how he describes his practice:
I am interested in human and mechanical movement in time and space and have a fascination with the act of looking in combination with the moving image. Through a process of observing and framing I am searching for poetry in the everyday, which leads me to minimalist studies of the borderland between the artificial and the real. A contemplative view on mundane and urban environment often reveals my appeal to modernist aesthetics and compositions. Today the moving image is my preferred choice of media, though many years with focus on photography leave as much an impression on my work as my vocational education in architecture. My photographic approach often materialises in static cameras and the waiver of sound, while the profession of the draftsman is mirrored in my interest for architectural and human space when mapping movement within it.

I love and support his work.


Oliver Sutherland
31/01/2011 - 26/02/2011

Private view
30 | 01| 2011
7pm – 11 pm

The private view attendees will be able to receive a limited edition artwork made by the artist.

bubblebyte.org is an online gallery showcasing artists that engage in a creative way with the digital space and stress the multiple possibilities of the media.
bubblebyte.org is in itself container and content, artist and gallery.
bubblebyte.org is pleased to present Première, the first online solo show of Oliver Sutherland’s ephemeral and humouristic work. 

Oliver Sutherland is born in Cornwall, UK 1985 and is currently living and working in London, UK where he is studying MA in Scultpure at the Royal College of Art.
 His work media  examines through a variety of media the more esoteric language of digital media and digital processes reverting it to create highly visual hybridized artworks.

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someone to look at

Pippa Gatty

Tiangong Rendezvous  
Video installation, Dimensions variable 
Red Mansion Art Prize exhibition Rochelle School London, 2010

Binocular Spectacular 

Video installation , Dimensions variable

Creating a reality based on a layman’s scientific understanding, I use low-tech methods to interpret and recreate phenomena and events. The process, absorption and theatre involved in production, creates a borderland between the imaginary and the real, where the act of pretending and believing is addressed.


someone to look at


Ed Atkins again and again.
Unconscious, his works is characterised by a rare rhythm, sometimes disturbing sometimes surprising in a sort of narrative which allows your mind to be part of it.
He reminds me of some Peter Greenaway techniques updated to our digital age.
He is the artist that most influenced my last month.
Exhibiting at ICA for Bloomberg New Contemporaries, Cabinet Gallery in Old Street while included in the interesting collective video event organised in collaboration with LUX at the eclectic OUTPOST in Norwich, he is able to surprise and be aesthetically perturbing with his geometrical cut-out videos.