Chimera Q.T.E.

Curated by Attilia Fattori Franchini
15 Nov 2012 - 13 Jan 2013
Private View 15th November, 2012 6-9pm
16th November 2012 -13th January 2013
Friday-Sunday 12-6pm
Seasonal closure from December 17th 2012 -January 3rd, 2013

Cornelia Baltes, Nicolas Deshayes, Adham Faramawy, Jack Lavender, 
Berry Patten, Sabrina Ratté, Travess Smalley, Oliver Sutherland

According to Greek mythology, the Chimera was a monstrous fire-breathing female creature composed of the parts of three animals: a lion, a serpent and a goat. 
In popular culture the term has been used to describe any fictional being composed by different parts as well as to describe illusory ideas and actions.  
Taking inspiration from the creature’s composed physicality and fictional being, the show reflects on new forms of abstraction and intangibility derived from the assemblage of different styles and materials often associated with the internet and its context of visual and narrative fragmentation.The presented works mix personal visions and popular culture with digital aesthetics, aiming to reproduce heterogeneous feelings and an interpretative contingency. Diversity in forms and the use of apparently distant tools and references are the point of departure to create a fictional sense of transcendence and fluidity. The selected works and theoretical contributions included in the exhibition aim to operate as activators, inviting the viewer to participate in the construction of meaning whilst also initiating alter relationships between media’s attributions and works' narratives.  
This exhibition celebrates cacophony and material-crossing whilst floating between physicality and significance, to consider alternative forms of artistic expression looking at a context-based sensoriality as opposed to direct representation.
Chimera Q.T.E., Cell Projects, installation view

Jack Lavender, Glass Tree, 2012
Adham Faramawy, Violet Likes Psychic Honey, 2012
Travess Smalley, Alta Dark, 2012
Berry Patten, The dream is Kurnikova, 2012
Sabrina Ratte, Age Maze, 2011

The exhibition is accompanied by an online pdf publication HERE with contributions   
by Rhys Coren, Marialaura Ghidini, Arcadia Missa & Paolo Ruffino and a series of events.  



Yuri Pattison, The Makin Of @ bubblebyte.org

The Making of
19/09/2012 - 28/10/2012
Private view
7 pm - 11 pm BST (2 - 6pm EDT / 11am – 3pm PDT)

bubblebyte.org is pleased to present The Making of, a solo exhibition of works by London based artist Yuri Pattison.

Pattison’s practice reflects on the impact of digital media on our understanding of reality, highlighting inconsistencies in the system of representation. Mastering a huge variety of media, his work often uses different devices to explore the strengths and limits of digital communication.

For the show, The Making of, the first solo show of the artist on bubblebyte.org, Pattison reflects on how the internet influences ideas of space, time and memory, flattening their defining attributes whilst also distorting their essence.

polymer placeholder pin drop is a live still life, showing a composition of assembled objects on a fictional landscape. The shifting image will be in constant transformation, offering a slightly different version of the assemblage on every view, unique but also universal. Each element in the image, being virtual or physical, is filtered through personal memories to become something archetypal activating ideas connected with places and their vision through the web.

The work The Making of is a live Google Drive Doc in constant flux that will evolve during the course of the show. The classical format of the .doc, becomes a way to explore ideas of collective ownership of rights, freedom of visual expression and private/public format, whilst highlighting issues of economic and political control of images and ideas. At the end of the show, the google drive doc will be converted to PDF and made available for print on demand.

cmoscosmos is a layered video and image piece playing with ideas of digital representation, collaging urban realities and architecture with personal and found images until the point of abstraction. As a fluid beautiful scenario, the work has the ability of eluding space and time, suggesting visual clues to reveal leaks in the way places are portrayed on the internet.

The private view attendees will receive a unique, depending on location, downloadable artefact exclusively created by the artist.

b.1986 Dublin, Ireland
lives and works in London

Yuri Pattison, is an Irish artist currently living in London. His interests lies within digital media and visual communication while focusing on space and the process of creating. He uses new media and the internet as tools for reflection and action. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, in collective exhibitions as Poltergeist at Fort, London 2012, PEER-TO-PEER, Kunstpavillon Luzern, Switzerland, 2012, BYOB Venice at The Internet Pavilion at the Venice Biennale, 2011, S.A.G.S at The Woodmill and BYOB London, 2011. Recent solo shows include polymer placeholder pin drop, Project/Number, London, 2012, Faraday Cage, [SPACE], London 2012 and focal-plane at Son Gallery, 2012. He is a member of LuckyPDF. 

info: info@bubblebyte.org


Liverpool Biennial - IL CAVALIERE

15/09/2012 - 25/11/2012
PV: 14/09/2012 (7pm - 11pm BST)

bubblebyte.org is pleased to present IL CAVALIERE, a takeover of the Royal Standard wesbite as part of the project Service Provider running during the Liverpool Biennial 2012.
For IL CAVALIERE,  bubblebyte.org invited four artists, Paul Flannery, Hannah Perry, Jon Rafman and Travess Smalley, to work together on four individual elements of the website, to collaborate and respond to the theme of Knight Rider, the famous TV series featuring a high-tech modern-day knight fighting crime with the help of an advanced, artificially intelligent car.
The role of the modern knight and its actions devoted to save others as well as its intelligent car, friend and problem-solver, are a point of departure for reflection and experimentation in the context of the Service Provider project. The artists, selected for the relevance and excellence of their practice, will engage with the structural part of the Royal Standard website and transform its variables whilst adding different features, proposing new ways to visualise data, content and information.

to visualise the take over: click here  Royal Standard

Mostra Collettiva Estiva @ bubblebyte.org

Mostra Collettiva Estiva
15/08/2012 - 15/09/2012
Warren Garland, Laura Brothers, Jan Robert Leegte, Alistair Levy, Mark Soo, Fatima Al Qadiri & Sofia Al Maria, Lucy Stokton, Mark Dean, Tom Hobson, Lewis Teague Wright, Michael Boling & Javier Morales, Trisha Baga,
Emilio Gomariz, Aaron Graham, Andrew Rosinski, Jamie Bracken Lobb

Private view
7 pm - 11 pm BST (2 - 6pm EDT / 11am – 3pm PDT)

bubblebyte.org is pleased to present Mostra Collettiva Estiva, a group exhibition of international artists exploring visual ideas of identity, voyage and abstraction.

As a sort of tradition and enquiry, bubblebyte.org has selected various practicioners to celebrate the internet and its dreamy creativity through a summer group show. Playing with the web and its aesthetics, the artists exhibited create hybrids that suggest surreal and synthetic atmospheres.
The works presented in Mostra Collettiva Estiva recreate moods of evasion whilst playing with compositional formats, breaking, collaging, adding and re-editing to create new sensorial relationships. The various range of styles and languages proposed celebrate the multitude of tools employed by contemporary digital artists whom use the internet as a site of reflection and representation, as well as a resource for exploiting new digital tools and techniques.
Everyday images and found materials are overlapped with personal vision and computer graphics to create new aestheticized forms, reverting their contextual references into highly visual outputs. The virtual presented in Mostra Collettiva Estiva loses its alter-connotations, becoming a mental getaway and playful visual destination.

The Man Who Knew Too Little - Rhys Coren/ Jack Newling at SEVENTEEN GALLERY



Curated by Attilia Fattori Franchini
28th June to 4th August 2012

The Man Who Knew Too Little is an exhibition of works by Rhys Coren and Jack Newling.
Both artists employ a range of means and materials to create works with a heavily processed style where interference is reduced to a minimum in order to regulate and reclassify the world around us.
The playful, symbolic world of Rhys Coren revolves around subcultures and their visual language. British culture, the Internet and music are continuous references in his production, which varies from video, animation, 2D images and installation, constantly merging both analogue and digital processes. Coren explores the hypothesis of an interrelation between British football social culture and rave music. Using popular designs from British football strips, training kits and clothing worn by fans in the late 80s and early 90s - the brightest era of acid music and rave culture - Coren has developed a series of graphics animations, and a sound piece (in collaboration with Benjamin John Power) that celebrates the "smiley face", a stylized icon of the same period.

Jack Newling carefully extracts from a contemporary landscape of industrially manufactured utilitarian provisions. In this show Newling uses high control techniques such as screen-printing and casting to make a new body of work that finds its origins in the peripheries of popular culture. 24hr groceries and empty cafes provide material for these works that never seek to fully represent the source, preferring instead to exist as stand-ins or surrogates. Newling’s works absorb the hard-nosed practicality of the world around us, and combine with the ghosts of industrial processes in order to produce moments of pathos and seduction.
The works in the exhibition are formal suggestions, little clues given and left to the viewer to interpret. The show is an attempt to absorb common features of the world that surrounds us, in order to propose something altogether more remote and slippery. By focusing on certain elements of the everyday, whilst losing others, the works initiate unexpected connections opening the viewer to new and undefined outcomes, activating strong sensations and new assemblages of collective and personal memories.
Rhys Coren (born 1983, Plymouth), currently lives and works in London.
Recent shows include:The Response, The Sunday Painter, London, UK, 2012; E-Vapor-8, 319 Scholes, New York, NY, 2012, No Woman No Cry, The Royal Standard, Liverpool, UK, 2011; Friendship of the Peoples, Simon Oldfield Gallery, 2011; VIDEO PROGETTO, 26CC, Rome, Italy, 2010. Rhys Coren was the recipient of ISCP Residency in New York in 2009.. He is co-founder of the online platform bubblebyte.org and of the Bristol-London art collective InterCity MainLine.

Jack Newling (born 1983, Nottingham), currently lives and works in London.
Newling, in 2009, completed an MA in fine art at the Royal Academy Schools, London. Recent exhibitions include:
Clouds, Fold, London 2012, Your garden is looking a mess please tidy it up, Payne and Shervell, London 2012, Then again, SPACE, London 2011, Jerwood Contemporary Painters, Jerwood Space, London 2010, Bloomberg new contemporaries, 2009 & 2007. Newling was the recipient of the Red Mansion Art prize in 2008. Newling has been awarded the 2012 Glenfiddich artist in residence. Newlings work is held in the UBS and Zabludowicz collections as well as various other private collections in Europe and the USA. 

Travess Smalley, Intangible Moments of Control @ bubblebyte.org

Travess Smalley
Intangible Moments of Control 
11/07/2012 - 13/08/2012

Private view
7 pm - 11 pm BST (2 - 6pm EDT / 11am – 3pm PDT)

bubblebyte.org is pleased to present Intangible Moments of Control, an exhibition of new works by New York based artist Travess Smalley.
Smalley’s practice centers around the creation of digital images through an evolving process that often includes non-digital steps, such as painting, drawing, scanning, collage and printmaking. The works presented in Intangible Moments of Control, the first solo show of the artist on bubblebyte.org, are part of an on-going series of vector drawings, where signs, curves and selectors activate new sensorial relationships. Smalley, a savvy internet user, utilises the web as a source of inspiration and reflection, as well as a resource for exploiting digital techniques like vectors, learning them through online tutorials.
Taking inspiration from web communication strategies, this vector series acts to subvert their function while observing the logical contexts they belong to. Using the vernacular language of corporate 2.0 logos and advertising imagery, whilst subtracting their distinguished features until the point of transcendence, the work becomes fluid and shows a seductive abstract language.

Smalley transforms everyday digital language into new aestheticized forms, reverting their contextual references into a mood informed by color painting theory and computer graphics.

The circular shapes recall application icons and browser design, whilst becoming something altered through the use of synthetic colours. The works Chromer, Final Atmosphere, Toner explore the world of soft nuances whilst Alien, Glistener, Pure Access recall more acid music and rave culture palettes. Quicksilver, Timeless and Mercurail, form optical illusions inspired by 3D design and translucent surfaces.

Psychedelic in their appearance, Smalley creations are sensational inputs, abstracted through repetition, color, light, opalescence and transparency leaving the viewer the freedom to negotiate their meaning and initial point of departure.

Travess Smalley
b. 1986 Huntington
lives and works in New York

Smalley received his BFA from Cooper Union in 2010. His computed graphic style in constant relationship with the internet and its language has been exhibited internationally and nationally.



The Cult of The Amateur - Cell Projects

Cult of The Amateur?

Tuesday 29th May 2012 6pm- 9pm 

with bubblebyte.org 24 hour website takeover.  

bubblebyte.org have invited Sarah McCrory to chair an open discussion participants: Arcadia_Missa, The Sunday Painter, Hotel Palenque, and pyramidd.biz

Performance by POLLYFIBRE  
curated by James Harper

The sixth CYcLE CLUB event at Cell Project Space, ‘Cult of the Amateur?’ explores how artists and curators are using the Internet to create a new context and framework to produce and display art. Referencing Andrew Keen’s publication, ‘The Cult of the Amateur’, this event will contest Keen’s argument that the Internet is killing today’s culture and try to underpin the enormous potential of the Internet’s hybrid activity, which inspires and influences artists today. Acknowledging that the Internet has become a vital tool, source, and arena for a vast amount of contemporary art practice, James Harper has selected bubblebyte.org and POLLYFIBRE as part of this new development. Bubblebyte.org have invited Arcadia_Missa, pyramidd.biz, The Sunday Painter and Hotel Palenque to come together in discussion for a one-night event chaired by curator, Sarah Mc Crory. Turning Keen’s publication on its head, this event will aim to reveal emerging independent / artist-led activity in London that is using the internet to find new ways to display, make, and interact with their audience.

Live for 24 hours, and for the duration of the event, bubblebyte.org founders, Rhys Coren and Attilia Fattori Franchini, have invited artist Paul Flannery to create a compliant intervention of Cell’s existing and long standing website. Flannery will interrupt its conventional streamline order to interact with the basic framework of the site, creating a non-linear, auto-destructive viral action.  
To complete the event POLLYFIBRE will present 'SlideShow', a live work where digital and analogue media collide. The source for this work uses the Internet as a central point of departure in that the script is taken from the Wikipedia definition for the word 'slideshow'. Information and words are randomly extracted from the Internet and transferred onto photographic 35mm slide to be projected with analogue carousel slide projectors taking the audience into a visual wordplay, from Google to PowerPointpresentation. The sound of projectors is manipulated gradually into a clashing, confrontational, digital/analogue crescendo. Slideshow aims to highlight how information is sourced, navigated and considered in a culture of accelerating mediation. It posits the notion of a post-digital era in which we are increasingly faced with challenging questions of authenticity and authority.


Stan Still show LOVE THAT @ bubblebyte.org

Cieron Magat (Stan Still) 

LOVE THAT08/06/2012 - 08/07/2012

Private view

7 pm - 11 pm BST (2 - 6pm EDT / 11am – 3pm PDT)

bubblebyte.org is pleased to present LOVE THAT, an exhibition of Cieron Magat’s unique entrepreneurial project T-Shirt Party.

Magat is a polymorphic creative mind working in different fields. The intersection between video, music and sub-culture is at the centre of his work and emerges through the diversity of projects he consistently initiates and directs.
Every week, for one year (from March 2010 until March 2011), under the guise of Stan Still, he created a T-shirt and a video. The result was T-Shirt Party, a collection of contemporary culture and sub-culture, different visions and ideas presented by Stan Still (alongside a few guest participants) in a double visual format of moving image and artistic outfit. By fixing the terms of production to one year, each output becomes autonomous and exciting in its novelty. T-shirt Party projected some iconic imagery onto cotton with incredible regularity, proposing week after week a reflection on fashion and the extremely quick change in tastes and trends, while conceiving a new platform for artistic challenge and creative experimentation.Popular culture (and everyday scenes strongly influenced by music and MTV culture) are playfully used in each t-shirt / video. The project, an audio-visual clothing collection, uses its main features as objects of analysis, modes of display and inputs for experimentation. Optimism and emotion are at the base of the project, conceived as a celebration of art and creativity. Guests like Nina Manandhar, Tim and Barry, Lewis Teague Wright, Tyrone Lebon, Ferry Gouw, Raine Allen Miller, Shane Connolly, Rhys Coren, Boiler Room, William Wright, Oscar Godfrey, Jimmy Merris, Dan Szor and DDF expanded the artistic vision. For LOVE THAT, Magat will exhibit on bubblebyte.org the whole yearlong collection of fifty- five T-Shirt Party videos and fifty-two T-shirts. But, more than a show, LOVE THAT is considered as an artwork itself, inviting you to drift around, celebrate creativity and clearly join the Party.For the duration of the show, the first series of T-shirt Party TSP001-TSP052 will be exclusively on sale again at bubblebyte.org

Cieron Magat

Born 1982 Slough, UK 

Lives and works in London

The Internet in 1969


My new obsession | Danny McDonald

Click to enlarge
Danny McDonald, The End of a Dream Sequence, 2010,
still from a color video, 15 minutes.
Showing at the moment at Isabella Bortolozzi, Berlin this video is astonishingly funny fast and and psychedelically mind blowing.


Hannah Perry | Keeping Time @ bubblebyte.org

Keeping Time
21/04/2012 - 30/05/2012
Private view
7 pm - 11 pm BST (2 - 6pm EDT / 11am – 3pm PDT)
bubblebyte.org is pleased to present Keeping Time, a solo exhibition by UK artist Hannah Perry.
Working across a variety of medium, including moving image, photography, collage and sculpture, Perry’s practice is mainly developed by mixing found VHS footage, YouTube videos and photos from the artist’s own, personal archive. This often transpires into a constellation of images taken from teenage pop icons and the Internet, reproducing a quick snapshot of the visual language of young, contemporary culture. Blossoming characters, often depicted in the moment of building their identity, quickly disappear on to the next image, creating a fast, polysensorial narration.
Keeping Time, the artist’s first solo show at bubblebyte.org, revolves around the topics of rhythmic time and its hypnotic power, transporting us into an acid dancy world populated by music and film references such as Steve Reich or David Cronenberg.
Untitled is an animated hyper-work leading to a series of different artworks and elements. Starting as a random composition of personal objects leaning on the floor, the user is invited to interact with Hannah’s world and be transported into new settings; artistic, musical or simply connected to the artist’s creative process. Old works and personal influences blend with tools used by the artist in her work, and constitute a conceptual cut and paste, interdependent to one another.
The works Extract 1 and Extract 2, from the work Wonderful While It Lasts, recently presented at the Zabludowicz Collection, are a vibrant concentration of quick images portraying youth culture. Music videos and TV programmes are collaged with family members’ interviews, fleetly developing through a sort of synthetic motion accompanied by a strongly immersive soundtrack.
Deeply influenced by music sampling from dance music to hip hop, the outcome of Perry’s work is a fresh, visual, rhythmic assemblage representative of an actual momentum.   
The private view attendees will receive a downloadable artifact exclusively created by the artist.

Hannah Perry
Born 1984, North West of England
lives and works in London
Hannah Perry holds a BA in Fine Art from Goldsmiths College, London and she is currently studying an MFA at the Royal Academy of Art, London.
Perry creates a miscellaneous world of internet images, house beats and young popular culture, cutting and pasting what surrounds her, friends, family and random web findings. Her work has been shown locally and internationally, and recently included in exhibitions at The Zabludowicz Collection, London, Hotel Palenque, Cell Project Space, London, 2012, Les Televisions, French Riviera 1988, 2011. Her work will be part of the exhibition Things That Have Interested Me, Waterside Contemporary, London, in June and at South London Gallery as part of PAMI Festival in September 2012.
info: info@bubblebyte.org



Image: Rob Cavasse, Mass Wastin (acid wind) still, 2011,
courtesy of the artist.

An exhibition of new works by:

Mario Athanasiou
Rob Chavasse
Yuri Pattison
Hannah Perry
Samara Scott
Tim Steer
Oliver Sutherland

Curated by Attilia Fattory Franchini

FORT | 34-38 Provost Street | London N1 7NG

17/05/2012 - 15/07/2012 

PV: Thursday 17th May 2012, 6pm - 10pm

The show takes its inspiration from the concept of short unwanted manifestations in physical and digital realm typical of our contemporary culture. Appearance and disappearance, animated objects and images become ephemeral presences calling for attention whilst modifying our ways of seeing and perceiving. Used in communication techniques as powerful marketing tool to influence the subconscious and over present in the digital world - as pop-up and banners - subliminal inputs and undesired elements become contemporary art tools of experimentation to reveal mysterious ideas and new representations of reality. Short time of experience and the condemnation to expire are used as inspiration to consider alternative modes of expression and think about current modes of creation and conservation. Looking at materiality and time as in Katherine Hayles definition of it as a dance between the medium’s physical characteristics and the work’s signifying strategies; each artwork and its interpretation becomes contingent, provisional, and debatable and therefore considered more of a contextual event than a pre-existing object.
Taking the space of FORT as a point of departure, the artists invited engage with it whilst contributing through unexpected events, hidden visions and imperceptible structures to reflect about materiality, revelation, duration and evanescence.

Mario Athanasiou (b.1980 Athens, Greece) lives and works in London. Originally trained as a composer, Athanasiou recently completed an MA in Studio Composition at Goldsmiths College. His works tend to explore how we perceive reality through sound and how we can use technology to manipulate, distort and transform that reality.

Rob Chavasse (b.1984, UK) lives and works in London. He holds a BA in Fine Art from University of West of England. Through site-conditioned works, Chavasse creates experiential situation, investigating the contradictions
of reference vs. experience. Using a wide range of media, Chavasse’s practice is concerned by the notion of space, and how we perceive it.

Yuri Pattison (b.1987 Dublin, Ireland) lives and works in London.  He is member of LuckyPDF and Off Modern Collectives and his interests lie within architecture and materiality, while focusing on space and the process of creating. Mastering a variety of media as video, animation and photography his work stresses digital communications language and tools. Yuri’s installations are a moving escape where time and its constant flux is represented and the access to a virtual past invades the knowledge of an expendable present.

Hannah Perry {b. 1984, Chester, UK} lives and works in London. Working across a variety of medium, including moving image, photography, collage and sculpture, Perry’s practice is mainly developed by mixing found VHS footage, YouTube videos and photos from the artist’s own, personal archive. Perry recent exhibitions include the Invites series at the Zabludowicz Collection, London, Hotel Palenque, Cell Project Space, London, 2012, Les Televisions, French Riviera 1988, London, 2011.

Samara Scott (b.1985, UK) lives and works in London. She recently completed an MA in Communications Art and Design at The Royal College of Art, London. Her practice uses romantic urges to make glossy hyper-real objects, a pick n mix of continental topicality, and a surreal mish-mash of pastel symbols. All part of a greatly orchestrated surreal narrative, the art objects can also be digested from design perspectives. Backgrounds double as foregrounds – a blind operates as both a screen and a sculpture, while different elements suddenly animate with new functionalities

Tim Steer
 (b.1983, UK) lives and works in London. He is currently completing an MA in Sculpture at The Royal College of Art. His practice revolves around the concept of materiality and its definition in digital culture. Through, video, writing, animated and sculptural creation Steer’s work activates sensations and memories while representing fluid images belonging to the digital realm.

Oliver Sunderland (b. 1985, UK) lives and works in London. He is currently studying an MA in Sculpture at The Royal College of Art. Working across a range of media his practice takes influence from a variety of sources including science, belief systems and fiction, culminating in critical and subversive observations of serious and often humorless situations. Sutherland’s practice examines the more esoteric language of digital media and digital processes, reverting it to create highly visual hybridised artworks.


The Function of the Oblique | Resistance - Action

The Function of the Oblique
Curated by Attilia Fattori Franchini

Sebastian Acker, Nicolas Feldmeyer, Shan Hur,Minae Kim, Jinhee Park, Tobias Zehntner


No Format Gallery | 14 - 22 April 2012
private view: 13. 04. 2012 | 6 - 9 pm


Son Gallery, Peckham | 27 April - 26 May 2012
private view: 25. 04. 2012 | 6 - 9 pm
No Fixed Abode will organise a program of
events, screenings and conversations

A project in two parts, The Function of the Oblique presents a series of artistic responses to the eponymous work of architectural theory by Paul Virilio and Claude Parent, in which they declare ‘the end of the vertical as the axis of elevation’ and ‘the end of the horizontal as the permanent plane’.

In both Resistance and Action the artists use concepts of the oblique as a destabilising force, creating imbalance and unexpected outputs by employing a variety of media to challenge traditional conceptions of space.
In both Resistance and Action the artists use concepts of the oblique as a destabilising force, creating imbalance and unexpected outputs by employing a variety of media to challenge traditional conceptions of space. 
The concept of the oblique was presented as a new mode of appropriating space, promoting continuous, fluid movement and forcing the body to adapt to instability. Approached from different attitudes, Resistance and Action, this two part exhibition takes place across two gallery's in South East London.

Resistance is set at No Format Gallery, Woolwich, and will be informed by an understanding of the oblique as resistance to gravity and its horizontal legacy.

Action will take place at Son Gallery in Peckham and analyses physical and architectural conditions favoring fluidity, alteration and constant change.

Through a series of experimental events created by intersecting fields of architecture, broadcast, film, installation and publication, No Fixed Abode will develop forms of shared critique and reflection. Initially a series of film screenings and performative talks are planned. No Fixed Abode is the artistic collaboration between Robert Quirk and Terry Slater.

Artists information
Sebastian Acker
b. 1981, Germany
lives and works in London

Sebastian Acker has a background in space design and installations often reflecting on the configuration of space individually and socially. Acker is currently studying an MA in Sculpture at the Slade School of Fine Art. His work is informed by notions of space and materiality, and how this relates to the urban and physical world.

Nicolas Feldmeyer
b. 1980, Switzerland
lives and works in London

Nicolas was born 1980 in Switzerland. After studying architecture in Zurich and fine art in San Francisco, he is currently doing a master at the Slade School of Fine Art. His work explores notions
of space and its articulation in different media, questioning assumptions of normality and the elsewhere in his research and practice.

Shan Hur
b. 1981 Korea
lives and works in London

Shan Hur is a Korean artist who lives and works in London. Hur holds an MFA in Sculpture from
Slade School of Art (2010) and has exhibited extensively in the UK. Hur's sculptural interventions disrupt the viewers perception of the white cube, directly implicating the gallery space as an active element in the artwork itself. The ideas, which inform Hur’s practice, derive from a fascination in the moment of transition when a particular space is reconfigured for a new purpose and questions our perceptions.

Minae Kim
b.1981, Korea
lives and works in London

The origins of Kim’s works are based on the urban or structural environments present in our everyday life. Kim observes, reflects and reverts the physical and conceptual function of what sometimes is left out, hidden or un-noticed. The elements used in Kim works are often detourned replicas of preexistent details which call for attention and suddenly animate to become the centre of reflection. Kim installations raise questions about the nature of the spaces we inhabit and our relationship therein. Minae Kim holds an MA in Sculpture from the Royal College of Art, 2011 and her works has been recently part of New Contemporaries ICA, 2011 and RCA Final Degree Show, 2011.

Jinhee Park
b.1979, Korea
lives and works in London

Jinhee Park holds an M.F.A from Goldsmiths College, London, 2010 and an M.F.A in Sculpture from Seoul National University, Korea, 2007. His work reflects on the time lost in familiar scenery
and records the traces left (hidden) in nature of certain occurrences or events. Time and its changes
are reflected in Park's practice as a spacial visualisation characterised  by interventions on common materials such as plain wood, using as a natural point of departure to record and visualise what remains.

Tobias Zehntner
b.1983, Switzerland
lives and works in London

Tobias Zehntner holds a BA from Goldsmiths College of Art, 2011. His work is concerned with science, art and architecture intended as tools to explore phenomena while elaborating a keen interest in human and mechanical movements in time and space. Zehntner has a fascination with the
acts of looking and observing, which leads to minimalist studies of the poetry of the everyday.
A contemplative view on mundane and urban environment often reveals an appeal to modernist aesthetics and compositions, while the focus on movement often leads to a choreographical approach to synchrony and symmetry.

Pascual Sisto | FILL_IN_THE_BLANKS | Seventeen Gallery




Thursday 29th Mar - Saturday 5th May 2012

Curated by Attilia Fattori Franchini
PV Thursday 29th March 6pm

Pascual Sisto's practice often refers to chaotic systems, order, time and evanescence; his work reproduces the transient order of things by manifesting its multiple variables.
In FILL_IN_THE_BLANKS, his first show at Seventeen, the LA based artist presents his recent exploration of forms of representation through the use of mathematical structures, patterns, and digital interventions, while repurposing the imagery and modus operandi from the realm of theoretical physics.
The new body of work introduces a tension between constraint and infinity, matter and ephemerality, reality and fiction, featuring a melancholic sense of humor. New 3D animations and sculptures are presented in unison, functioning as hypnotic elements and forces of attraction in the creation of non-spaces.
By containing and restricting forms through additive and reductive gestures, Sisto's practice reconfigures the idea of endless possibilities. The video elements in the exhibition constitute a passage between Sisto's previous and current production and represent ethereal realities conversely focusing on the versatility of time, stressing it while defining it through either interruption, synchronicity, or pulsation and perpetually transfixed into a liminal space.

This exhibition is made possible by the generous support of the Center for Cultural Innovation ARC Grant.

Pascual Sisto was born in 1975 in Barcelona, Spain, and lives and works in Los Angeles.


Sylvain Sailly solo show Instructors @ bubblebyte.org

10/03/2012 - 09/04/2012

Private view
7 pm - 11 pm GMT (2 - 6pm EST / 11am – 3pm PST)

bubblebyte.org is pleased to present Instructors, a solo exhibition by French artist Sylvain Sailly.

Over the past five years, Sylvain Sailly has worked with multimedia installations that combine prints, video work, and sculptural objects. His work explores the dematerialisation of systems and procedures diffused in contemporary society, highlighting invisible processes in production which transform into the practical and meaningful. Sailly’s practice researches the notion of hidden differences between objects and their abstraction, and the way these differences elude direct investigation.

Instructors, the artist’s first solo show at bubblebyte.org, follows the research on imperceptible variations and takes the form of an on-line series of semi-autonomous 3D animations created exclusively for bubblebyte.org. The series adds to the artist’s personal web diagrams collection and functions as an extension of his site-specific and gallery work.

Codes and aesthetics of Internet video tutorials inspire the six digital happenings presented in the show as Google Sketch up files (.skp) paired with animated gifs created as an instructional tools. The work which requires the participation of the viewer in order to activate, is constituted by 3D model objects. As these schematized objects are made and unmade, their simple and even barren graphics emphasize the mechanics, deployment and assembly of their fifteen-second life-cycle. The objects’ function, its capacity to impart a use, comes to the fore, as well as the means and occasion to manipulate this function. Building and unbuilding, processing and unprocessing, the work investigates the relationship between recognition and simulative enactment.

The private view attendees will receive a downloadable artifact exclusively created by the artist.

Sylvain Sailly
born 1983, Poitiers, France
lives and works in Vancouver

Sylvain Sailly holds a BA Plastic Art at the École Européenne Supérieure de l’Image, and an MFA in Plastic Expression at the École Nationale Supérieure d'Arts de Paris-Cergy, Cergy, France .

Sailly’s minimal and alive work focuses on the internet and its elements of production and disruption raising questions of duration and conservation. His work has been shown locally and internationally, and recently included in exhibitions as The Unspeakable Compromise of the Portable Work, Or Gallery off-site project, Vancouver, Canada, Sylvain Sailly and Nicolas Sassoon at The Fair, Vancouver, Canada both in 2011, Et si tu n'existais pas..., Galerie TinBox, Bordeaux, France, 2010, Jakarta Biennale‘09 Fluid Zones, Jakarta, Indonesia, 2009, and Portion roulante à 43° W Today Art Museum, Beijing, China, just to name a few.

info: info@bubblebyte.org