Hannah Perry | Keeping Time @ bubblebyte.org

Keeping Time
21/04/2012 - 30/05/2012
Private view
7 pm - 11 pm BST (2 - 6pm EDT / 11am – 3pm PDT)
bubblebyte.org is pleased to present Keeping Time, a solo exhibition by UK artist Hannah Perry.
Working across a variety of medium, including moving image, photography, collage and sculpture, Perry’s practice is mainly developed by mixing found VHS footage, YouTube videos and photos from the artist’s own, personal archive. This often transpires into a constellation of images taken from teenage pop icons and the Internet, reproducing a quick snapshot of the visual language of young, contemporary culture. Blossoming characters, often depicted in the moment of building their identity, quickly disappear on to the next image, creating a fast, polysensorial narration.
Keeping Time, the artist’s first solo show at bubblebyte.org, revolves around the topics of rhythmic time and its hypnotic power, transporting us into an acid dancy world populated by music and film references such as Steve Reich or David Cronenberg.
Untitled is an animated hyper-work leading to a series of different artworks and elements. Starting as a random composition of personal objects leaning on the floor, the user is invited to interact with Hannah’s world and be transported into new settings; artistic, musical or simply connected to the artist’s creative process. Old works and personal influences blend with tools used by the artist in her work, and constitute a conceptual cut and paste, interdependent to one another.
The works Extract 1 and Extract 2, from the work Wonderful While It Lasts, recently presented at the Zabludowicz Collection, are a vibrant concentration of quick images portraying youth culture. Music videos and TV programmes are collaged with family members’ interviews, fleetly developing through a sort of synthetic motion accompanied by a strongly immersive soundtrack.
Deeply influenced by music sampling from dance music to hip hop, the outcome of Perry’s work is a fresh, visual, rhythmic assemblage representative of an actual momentum.   
The private view attendees will receive a downloadable artifact exclusively created by the artist.

Hannah Perry
Born 1984, North West of England
lives and works in London
Hannah Perry holds a BA in Fine Art from Goldsmiths College, London and she is currently studying an MFA at the Royal Academy of Art, London.
Perry creates a miscellaneous world of internet images, house beats and young popular culture, cutting and pasting what surrounds her, friends, family and random web findings. Her work has been shown locally and internationally, and recently included in exhibitions at The Zabludowicz Collection, London, Hotel Palenque, Cell Project Space, London, 2012, Les Televisions, French Riviera 1988, 2011. Her work will be part of the exhibition Things That Have Interested Me, Waterside Contemporary, London, in June and at South London Gallery as part of PAMI Festival in September 2012.
info: info@bubblebyte.org



Image: Rob Cavasse, Mass Wastin (acid wind) still, 2011,
courtesy of the artist.

An exhibition of new works by:

Mario Athanasiou
Rob Chavasse
Yuri Pattison
Hannah Perry
Samara Scott
Tim Steer
Oliver Sutherland

Curated by Attilia Fattory Franchini

FORT | 34-38 Provost Street | London N1 7NG

17/05/2012 - 15/07/2012 

PV: Thursday 17th May 2012, 6pm - 10pm

The show takes its inspiration from the concept of short unwanted manifestations in physical and digital realm typical of our contemporary culture. Appearance and disappearance, animated objects and images become ephemeral presences calling for attention whilst modifying our ways of seeing and perceiving. Used in communication techniques as powerful marketing tool to influence the subconscious and over present in the digital world - as pop-up and banners - subliminal inputs and undesired elements become contemporary art tools of experimentation to reveal mysterious ideas and new representations of reality. Short time of experience and the condemnation to expire are used as inspiration to consider alternative modes of expression and think about current modes of creation and conservation. Looking at materiality and time as in Katherine Hayles definition of it as a dance between the medium’s physical characteristics and the work’s signifying strategies; each artwork and its interpretation becomes contingent, provisional, and debatable and therefore considered more of a contextual event than a pre-existing object.
Taking the space of FORT as a point of departure, the artists invited engage with it whilst contributing through unexpected events, hidden visions and imperceptible structures to reflect about materiality, revelation, duration and evanescence.

Mario Athanasiou (b.1980 Athens, Greece) lives and works in London. Originally trained as a composer, Athanasiou recently completed an MA in Studio Composition at Goldsmiths College. His works tend to explore how we perceive reality through sound and how we can use technology to manipulate, distort and transform that reality.

Rob Chavasse (b.1984, UK) lives and works in London. He holds a BA in Fine Art from University of West of England. Through site-conditioned works, Chavasse creates experiential situation, investigating the contradictions
of reference vs. experience. Using a wide range of media, Chavasse’s practice is concerned by the notion of space, and how we perceive it.

Yuri Pattison (b.1987 Dublin, Ireland) lives and works in London.  He is member of LuckyPDF and Off Modern Collectives and his interests lie within architecture and materiality, while focusing on space and the process of creating. Mastering a variety of media as video, animation and photography his work stresses digital communications language and tools. Yuri’s installations are a moving escape where time and its constant flux is represented and the access to a virtual past invades the knowledge of an expendable present.

Hannah Perry {b. 1984, Chester, UK} lives and works in London. Working across a variety of medium, including moving image, photography, collage and sculpture, Perry’s practice is mainly developed by mixing found VHS footage, YouTube videos and photos from the artist’s own, personal archive. Perry recent exhibitions include the Invites series at the Zabludowicz Collection, London, Hotel Palenque, Cell Project Space, London, 2012, Les Televisions, French Riviera 1988, London, 2011.

Samara Scott (b.1985, UK) lives and works in London. She recently completed an MA in Communications Art and Design at The Royal College of Art, London. Her practice uses romantic urges to make glossy hyper-real objects, a pick n mix of continental topicality, and a surreal mish-mash of pastel symbols. All part of a greatly orchestrated surreal narrative, the art objects can also be digested from design perspectives. Backgrounds double as foregrounds – a blind operates as both a screen and a sculpture, while different elements suddenly animate with new functionalities

Tim Steer
 (b.1983, UK) lives and works in London. He is currently completing an MA in Sculpture at The Royal College of Art. His practice revolves around the concept of materiality and its definition in digital culture. Through, video, writing, animated and sculptural creation Steer’s work activates sensations and memories while representing fluid images belonging to the digital realm.

Oliver Sunderland (b. 1985, UK) lives and works in London. He is currently studying an MA in Sculpture at The Royal College of Art. Working across a range of media his practice takes influence from a variety of sources including science, belief systems and fiction, culminating in critical and subversive observations of serious and often humorless situations. Sutherland’s practice examines the more esoteric language of digital media and digital processes, reverting it to create highly visual hybridised artworks.