Things to Look At: Charlie Woolley's Radio Show

I should actually say things to listen to,
but since there is also an art exhibition we will listening while looking.

03 Sep–16 Oct 2010
Charlie Woolley's Radio Show 
Throughout his exhibition at SPACE London, Charlie Woolley will be broadcasting his radio show live from the gallery space. 

The exhibition is:
NEU! Charlie Woolley - Mysterious Cults 

An exhibition of photo and poster collage, textiles and installation work accompanied by the artist’s ongoing Radio Show project and a cycle of broadcasted events.
This will be Charlie Woolley’s second solo exhibition following I Built My House on Sand (2008) at David Risley Gallery, London.
Mysterious Cults is the fourth NEU! exhibition at SPACE. Previous exhibitions include: AMAXAMA by Ben Sansbury (May 2010), colourless green ideas sleep furiously by Adam Thomas (March 2010), What I Believe (a Polemical Collection) by Ruth Beale (November 2009) and PROH-SOH’ PA-PEER by Richard John Jones (September 2009). NEU! is an ongoing cycle of solo exhibitions by emerging artists

Charlie Woolley is represented by David Risley Gallery, Copenhagen

SPACE is a multi disciplinary art venue located in east London.
SPACE provides support and resources to artists to make the great art of our day. We are one of the largest arts organisations in England and have been at the vanguard in promoting the role of artists in society since our inception in 1968.

We provide platforms which enable creative people to experiment, develop and thrive, and for a broad public to engage with this creativity. As a result of our activities we cultivate the growth of individuals, support the arts to flourish and nurture a creative, vibrant society.


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