curated by Attilia Fattori Franchini
16/17/18 September, 2011
The Alekano Club, Hoxton.

I WISH I WAS A CIRCLE starts from the collaboration between me, CIRCLE showroom & GOLDEN PEΔKS to produce a three day symposium that brings together fashion, moving image, design, art and music.

CIRCLE showroom will present the summer 2012 collections from five fashion designers: Ilaria Lepore, Sara Loi, Panopticum and Zehr, Noemi Klein. http://www.circleshowroom.blogspot.com/

Artists Informtaion

BA Fine Art Goldsmiths College 2011.
Zehntner work spaces between video and installation using the relationship between art and science as a point of departure for the exploration of human and mechanical movement in time and space.
His work is distinguished by a minimal aesthetic and modernist aesthetics and compositions and which helps him to capture daily movements with a choreographic attitude.

Andrea Zucchini, BA Fine Art Goldsmiths
Andrea Zucchini's practice is about transformation and alchemy.
The elements he uses in the composition of his works explore the paradoxical relationship between creation and time, investigating the metaphysical and spiritual reality of our existence.
Withdrawing from science and psychology, Andrea tries to create the modern symbols that arise in depths of everyone’s inner process and path, expressing them through a variety of media and materials.

Deniz Unal
MFA Fine Art, Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam
Through a myriad of embodiments, tranformations and reconfigurations of the body, language, objects and time, her work aims to discuss the politics of power, sensuality and existence in a great big jumble of what she likes to call art. She works predominatly with video, performance, photography and text.

Marlowe Tatiana Granados http://marlowetatianagranados.com
Marlowe Tatiana Granados is a Canadian, Londoner by adoption, photographer, dj and indipendent publisher. She works as brand advocater for the fashion brand RVCA and she the founder and director of the Zine Petite Anarchy. Her photography work, selected for Circle represent with a poetic aesthetic, personal inspirations, hidden corners and undiscovered places.

Teresa Patino Velazquez http://mutterharvest.blogspot.com
Teresa is a Spanish photographer, painter and embroidery specialist. Her creations vary from psychedelic representation to Aztec design and contribute to the construction of the fantastic world she surround herself with. For Circle she will present a selection of her painted analog photography work, surreal and fluid at the same time caractherised by vivid colour and kaleidoscopic representation.

Experimental Design
Mathias Hahn | Okaystudio: www.mathiashahn.com
Mathias is a product Designer graduated from Royal College of Art and one of the founders of OKAY Studio. Mathias works mainly in the field of product and forniture design and he is attracted by the material integrity and longevity of everyday objects - in opposition to fast, ephemeral product consumption. His recent work explores traditional technologies and materials, while introducing basic mechanical principles and applications.

Δ The exhibition will be scored live by Marcello Simone http://marcellosimeone.com/ who will be working with 'sound live experimentation'.

Δ Self-publishing:
Artists and self-publisher Tom Rees will have a selection of DIY zines: http://howlandgrowl.blogspot.com/

Kirsty Buchanan, guest editor of Issue3 of TOHAVEANDTOHOLD will be here to give a preview of the new issue: http://tohaveandtoholdhere.wordpress.com/

ΔΔ From 8PM bands and DJ's will play both nights:

Δ Friday night:
- NEO SOFT : http://soundcloud.com/neo-soft
- Xaviers: http://www.myspace.com/pykm
- Hobo Sonn
- Special guest TBA

Δ Saturday:
- Toutan Moon
- Killer Whale
- Black Market Karma: http://www.blackmarketkarma.com/

oh, and its free!

Take a look at the links below for more information ::

Δ || www.circleshowroom.blogspot.com
Δ || www.goldenpeaks.co.uk
Δ || www.attiliaff.com

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