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Paul Flannery
Another Infinity
07/02/2012- 06/03/2012

bubblebyte.org is pleased to present Another Infinity, a solo exhibition by UK artist Paul Flannery.

The work of Paul Flannery looks at the decoration of the Internet and its early aesthetics.

Using ornamental elements, often produced by amateurs, as icons, background images and memes, Flannery’s work is a deep analysis about digital time and beauty.

Through detournement and re-vision of various popular web. 2.0 features, Flannery creates colorful geometric work which activates new relationships in terms of trends and chronologies, possibilities and advancement.

Another Infinity, the first solo show of the artist on bubblebyte.org, presents a series of works inspired by a (11 frame, 1 x 600px) Rainbow divider, an animated gif ubiquitous during the early days of the web. The original gif is treated as a single sculptural unit, pulled apart frame by frame before being put back together in various combinations of deviation and obedience to its original purpose.

The results lay somewhere between ornament and object.

The works, form part of a larger, on-going series where repetition, tiling and pattern function as components to extend, build and play with the rhythms of every single divider to create cacophonous fields and shapes of hypnotic color.

Rising Generation features a quote from the final chapter of Owen Jones’ Grammar of Ornament. The quote, which relates to his belief that a new era of Victorian decoration was dawning, is written in a specially made font, originally constructed from rainbow dividers and laid on top patterns and textures taken from the background images of various websites. It is conceived in itself as a web-page and a celebration of the concept of Internet ornament.

As part of Another Infinity, depending on the browser used, the bubblebyte.org main page will rotate or throb as a counter rhythm to the works on display.

The private view attendees will receive a downloadable artifact exclusively created by the artist.

Paul Flannery
lives and works in London

Paul Flannery holds a BA (hons) in Fine Art from the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne and an MFA from Goldsmiths College, London. Flannery’s aesthetically captivating work, focuses on the internet and its elements of communication and adornment, subverting their functions while observing the logical contexts they belong to. His work has been shown locally and internationally, and recently included in exhibitions as Notes on a New Nature, 319 Scholes - Brooklyn, NY, Street Show: The Things Between Us, Eyebeam (Dead Drop) - New York, NY Your Browser is My Kingdom (Speed Show), Or@nien Net - Berlin, Germany .Gif, MU - Eindhoven, Netherlands to name a few.

info: info@bubblebyte.org

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