Dérivelab | Curatorial Project


Centre for Creative Collaboration, Acton Street, London.

22nd-25th July 2010

Opening 22nd July 6pm

DériveLab is a laboratory cast adrift upon the cultural waters of a 'broken' society for the experiments of a cast of artists, performers, musicians, theorists and designers. From the 22nd - 25th July 2010 DériveLab's latest feature-length psychotic episode features at the recently opened Centre for Creative Collaboration, near Kings Cross, London. An opening preview, post-view and peepshow takes place on and in the evening of the 22nd. Prior to this participants will explore or ignore, work and play within the venue for 10 days before their potentially prized or somewhat despised responses are reprised and prised open to a public.

DériveLab challenges participants to work off the rails and on the wrong side of the tracks, across disciplinary boundaries, with a schizophrenic mix of collaboration and resistance, whilst occupying an anti-hierarchical territory that mixes established, international practitioners with students, primarily from Goldsmiths, drawn from across undergrad, postgrad and research realms. DériveLab is a widely encompassing, wildly spinning compass at the corner of a constantly changing map of international contributors from cities including London, Tel Aviv, Frankfurt, Parma, Trieste, Paris and Tokyo.

We believe Dérive is a conduit to circumvent and short-circuit those repellent elements shortselling us down the river of ur-banality. We believe Dérive as an activity is reflexive: it both responds to situations but situations likewise respond to it. DériveLab concocts reflexive phenomenologies, DériveLab psychoanalyses the unconscious of urban space.

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