PHANTASMAGORIA at Dérivelab 22.07.2010

Sound Installation and visual memories.

“Men can see nothing around them that is not their own image; everything speaks to them of themselves. Their very landscape is alive.“
Karl Marx
Cities as Labyrinths, cities as playgrounds.
We live in the city that we create. The everyday becomes protean while every street, passage and corner communicates something new about ourselves and reflects what we are in a constant negotiation between external inputs and internal feelings.
Inputs are not just visual: the contemporary urban environment celebrates an astonishing poly-sensoriality made of sounds, smells and feelings. Our reaction to it can be positive, generating something new, engaging with it and its elements or negative rejecting the reality to escape into imaginary places far away from our present. Both forms of experience, in constant dialogue with our reactions create a relationship so fast that is difficult to distinguish from the phantasmagoric.
The sound and visual piece Phantasmagoria attempts to recreate this exchange between genuine urban stimuli and imagined memories in a constant exchange determined by visitors choices and actions.  Through this process it allows an individual and unique engagement with the space and the work.

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